Who we are

Alight Group of Consultants Pvt. Ltd (Alight Group)

Our Objective

The number of prospective students seeking professional help to jumpstart their academic profile through education abroad is increasing every year. They are in need of an ethical, experienced, educated, organized, professional organization to help them to be well informed, to plan their career better. They need an organization who can provide them accurate information about their intended program, university or colleges and dream destination. Most importantly they need a institutional helping hand to make the transition for their application (admissions to visas) smooth. To supply their need and to promote study abroad we came up with Alight Group in the year 2011.

Applying for higher education abroad is a huge decision, both financially and emotionally. It is mandatory to invest adequate time and effort in order to make the right decision. AGC walks alongside the pace of the prospective student, helping them make the right moves.

“We have created our own ethical standard and none in Alight Group has the right to violate the set of ethics. Whether it is internal or external we train our all staffs about the code of ethics that we have to follow. We do not breach any regulations from government, guidelines from institutions abroad as prescribed in the agreement, code of ethics by umbrella organization and help every staff to understand them.”

Our Philosophy

Everyone aims to have a successful career. “Study Abroad” has become an essential tool to execute it. It applies to anyone from any country whether developed or developing. Thus it has been common for everyone to study abroad. But ‘Study Abroad’ decisions can not be made in a common way.

Right information is the key factor to make a right decision. Right Information is not a bulk of information. It is customized, relevant, suitable and updated. And we help our clients to make a right decision through right information.

Professional guidance in applications for admissions, visas and documentation only can make the ‘study abroad process’ a smoother, hassle free, affordable and successful. We are fully dedicated to excellence in providing right information, proper guidance to our clients and in all operational aspects.

One of the most challenging issues to date is unethical practices and we are uncompromising in our dedication of ethical practice in all our business activities.