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AGC Team Members

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Rajan Godar

Chief Consultant/Career Counselor

Rajan Godar is a renowned career counsellor and study abroad specialist. He takes the sole responsibility of counseling, international relation and communication. He works closely with information and counseling experts and contributors and meet every student and parent whatever the purpose be career counseling, study abroad or parenting. Rajan Godar is ITAC (ICEF Trained Agent Counselor- ITAC 0589) and QEAC (Qualified Education Agent Counselor- QEAC K147), USCG 00035 (US Course Graduate) certified counselor/agent. Mr. Godar has been practicing educational career counseling and study abroad consultations since 2001. Masters degree in Mass communication and journalism is his latest education. And each personnel at Alight Group is trained and supported by him.

Neerajan Thapa


Entire management of study abroad information and counseling falls under Neerajan Thapa. He is educated from Japan and his Bachelors Degree is in System Administration who has been practicing the same occupation for 6 years and plus. He takes all the credit of the smooth management and operation of the company and satisfaction of our clients.

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Manita Sapkota

Public Relation Manager

Manita Sapkota is responsible for all public relation affairs, day to day operation and initial counseling to students willing to go abroad. She is a young and dynamic personality continuing her education of Bachelors Degree in Management and she has been working with this organization since its establishment.

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Kumar Khadka

Admission Manager

Kumar Khadka takes care of admissions applications. He is a Bachelors in Business Studies graduate.

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Sujan Gurung

I. T Head

Sujan Gurung takes the charge of I.T department and digital marketing.

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Samuel Di Gregorio JR

Pre Departure and Culture Head

Samuel Di Gregori JR, a US citizen who has experience of living or traveling in many countries. He handles the pre-departure session and living abroad sessions.

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Anup Acharya

Marketing & Communication Manager

Anup Acharya, an MBA student takes the role of marketing and communication.