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South Korea is another popular country that Nepali youth these days for many reasons. Because of its global popularity in automobile and electronic devices, unique language and economic growth its education has been able to attract students from world. Education competitiveness, advanced country with applied science and state of the art technology, rich culture and dynamic life. low tuition and living cost and support for careers are the benefits of studying in Korea as per

Study of Korean Language is fun, interesting and beneficial to further studies in many subjects in this language. Many universities do offer different length of Korean Language for Academic Purpose course. Among them Tongwon University is the one favorited by many international students. The completion of the Korean Language (1 year in average) will rich you to explore the other study options and enable to enter into university academic programs of your interest. The experience during the language program besides the learning will enrich you to understand the country’s culture, food, economics, working environment, rules and such essential facts that required for your wellbeing.

Movies and Music, Food and Fashion from South Korea have been popular among Nepali youth in the recent few years. Electronic products of Samsung Company, Motors from Hyundai and Kia add up the popularity. Some annual events presented by South Korean Embassy in Nepal do help to know arts, culture and literature from Korea as well.

  • Incredibly growing economy
  • Home to Approx. 411 Universities
  • Leading in the electronics, telecommunications and automobile
  • Home to Samsung, LG, Hyundai & Kia
  • Scholarships, Grants and Loans Available for Outstanding International Students

How to apply South Korean Student Visa:

Applying for a Student Visa is Mandatory for International students aiming to study for more than three months in South Korea.  Visa application cannot begin unless one obtains a certificate of admission. For the certificate of admission from University or Academic Institution An application has to be submitted to the institution. If the application is successful the concerned institution will offer admission and once the fee required is paid, the certificate of admission will be issued. Banking transfer of the fees is not possible unless NOC (No Objection Certificate) is acquired from Ministry of Education (MOE).  Once the payment is made and confirmed the hard copy of confirmation of admission along with some documents required for visa processing will be dispatched from university.

Obtaining admission certificate with the university or academic institution's registered paper will allow students to proceed for the visa. With original certificate of admission, valid passport, completed visa application form, financial-family & other academic documents and recent passport sized photographs you need to apply for your visa through Korean embassy located in Kalanki, Kathmandu. Prior to the visa application, it is necessary to undergo a tuberculosis medical checkup if your proposed staty in the country is more than 90 days.

During the study, you have the opportunity of working as well. However it is to note that Foreign students enrolled in a regular course of study may engage in part-time work of no more than 20 hours a week during semester time, and unlimited work during vacation time under the foreign student part-time work provisions of the Ministry of Justice. It is required that you be a foreign student who have received the recommendation of your supervising professor.

you have a study visa (D-2, D-4), you must have completed six months study at a tertiary education institution of at least the level of a junior college.

And, this can be an opportunity that according to the Immigration Control Act, visas for professors(E-1), research(E-3: applicable only to Natural Sciences and Engineering), or specific activities(E-7), foreigners who have completed a Bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences or Engineering and those with a Master's degree in Humanities from a Korean university are entitled to stay and engage in full-time employment in Korea without reentry permit.



A Snapshot of Korean Language Program:

Course Korean Language for Academic Purpose
University Tongwon University
Department Center for Global Education
Duration 1 Year
Fee 6400 USD a Year (Including Accommodation, not Food)

Before Visa Services:

  • Free of Cost information and counseling on appointment
  • Parents-Students-Counselor (PSC) Meeting and Briefing
  • Basic Korean for 6 weeks
  • KLPT Preparation
  • Admission Assistance & Guidance
  • Preparation of Application for Acceptance for Admission
  • Documentation Guidance
  • Documents Translation
  • Visa Interview Preparation
  • Visa Application Preparation

After Visa Services:

  • Korean Food and Drinks Introduction
  • Culture and Trends Introduction
  • Introduction to Student Life in Korea
  • Immigration Updates
  • Communication Skill
  • Pre Departure Orientation
  • CV on Korean

Long Term Consultancy Services:

  • Consultations on Further Study and Immigration Updates
  • Career Counseling

Standalone Services:

  • Translation of Nepali/English to Korean
  • Translation of Korean into English/Nepali
  • Interpreting Services
  • Consultancy services for other type of visas

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